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Committee Members


From the faculty:

Megan Dennis
Associate Professor, School of Science

Jennifer Finn
Department Chair, Fashion Program

Matthew Glomski
Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Zachary Grisham
Research Services Librarian, Library

Kimery Levering
Associate Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Vanessa Lynn
Assistant Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Nicholas Marshall,
Associate Professor of History

Michael Napolitano 

Assistant Director, Music Program, School of Communication and the Arts

Juris Pupcenoks 

Associate Professor, School of Liberal Arts

Elizabeth Reid
Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science and Mathematics

James Snyder
Interim Dean for Academic Engagement and Associate Professor of Philosophy

Della Lee Sue 
Associate Professor, School of Management

Patricia F Tarantello
Teaching Associate, School of Liberal Arts

Sarah Williams
Director of Choral Activities and Senior Lecturer of Music

Gavin Webb 
Lecturer, Marist International Program


From the administration:

Andy Alongi
Director, Marketing

John Blaisdell
Director, Safety & Security

Justin Butwell
Director, Physical Plant

Chris DelGiorno
Vice President for College Advancement

Hayley Denning
Executive Assistant, President's Office

Kate Donham
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Jonathan Dorin
Director of Operations, Sodexho

Valerie Hall
Director, Donor Relations & Stewardship

Kelly Lauria
Executive Assistant, Advancement

Bob Lynch
Director, Student Activities

Darren McCormack
Associate Athletic Director, Facilities

Anthony Proia
Director, Media Relations

John Ritschdorff
Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Emily Saland
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff

Julin Sharp
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology

Joey Wall
Director, Media & Instructional Technology

Amy Woods
Executive Director, Alumni Relations